Introducing Two New Racquet Models

The Jumbo and Jumbo Jr.

We have long thought that juniors and high-handicap players would accelerate their development with an oversized racquet, and we are very excited to announce the upcoming release to two new oversized models, the Jumbo and the Jumbo Jr.

The Jumbo Jr. at 24" length, and the Jumbo

The Jumbo Jr. at 24" length, and the Jumbo

After a year of development and extensive on-court testing, these racquets will soon be released to elevate the games of players who understandably struggle with ball control and mis-hits.

We began building these oversized racquets in cooperation with the USCTPF (United States Court Tennis Preservation Foundation) in August 2016.  The head size, head angle, string pattern, length, grip size, and many other details have been optimized to produce an oversized racquet that is well balanced and durable, just like our standard Gold Leaf models.

Each racquet's head is 47% larger than the head of a standard Gold Leaf racquet.  The Jumbo weighs 365g and is the same length as our standard racquets.  The Jumbo Jr. can vary in length, weight, and grip size-- we will publish recommended specifications based on player height for the Jumbo Jr.

Oversized Racquet Legality

The Tennis and Rackets Association controls the Laws of Tennis, which include the maximum internal head size of 9.0" tall by 7.5" wide for racquets that can be used in their sanctioned tournaments.  Our Jumbo and Jumbo Jr. racquets have an internal head size of roughly 11" tall by 8.5" wide, which equates to a 47% increase in the strung surface area of the racquet head.

The Jumbo and Jumbo Jr. are well outside the regulation set by the T&RA, so they are not suitable for use in tournaments run by the T&RA or by any governing body that adopts their Laws, including the USCTA.

Most beginners, juniors, and high-handicappers play tennis far outside the realm of tournaments-- rather they participate in practices, lessons, clinics, and club matches, where the Jumbo and Jumbo Jr. are fully permitted.

With respect to club matches, we have performed extensive testing to determine the impact these racquets will have on player's handicaps and on the handicapping system in general.  This will be the topic of our next blog post.  Stay tuned!

Sean Quinn

Owner, Gold Leaf Athletics