Tennis Racquets


The Model 355

The Model 355 is between 352-358 grams unstrung and is perfect for players who prefer a lighter racquet.  Gold Leaf Pro Team players Camden Riviere and Chris Chapman play the Model 355. 

MSRP: $325 / £250

The Model 365

The Model 365 is between 362-368 grams unstrung, the optimal weight for players who prefer a heavier frame.  Gold Leaf Pro Team players Steve Virgona, Ben Taylor-Matthews, John Lumley, and Darren Long play the Model 365. 

MSRP: $325 / £250

The Jumbo

The Jumbo and Jumbo Jr. (in photo) both have racquet heads that are 47% larger than a standard racquet.  These racquets have proven to be extraordinarily helpful for beginners and juniors to become engaged with the game— it is now much easier for them to hit the ball over the net and sustain rallies.

The Jumbo is the same length as a standard racquet at 26.5” with a head that is 47% oversized, and it weights 355-365 grams.

The Jumbo Jr. is shortened a few inches to 23.5” with the same head that is 47% oversized, and it weighs 345-355 grams.

These oversized racquets are neither intended nor legal for sanctioned association matches.  

MSRP: $325 / £250